Hilarious Cat Memes Which Your Dog Wouldn’t Like (15 Pics)


Cats are always the best and they need to prove it. They always do as they like and listen to no one else. There are a lot of ways in which cats are better than dogs. These memes will tell you how and the dogs are definitely not going to like it. You will understand once you see them.

Here are some hilarious cat memes which your dog wouldn’t like. Have a look at these cat memes and you will have a good laugh!


This cheetah comes to meet the cat every morning. There isn’t a single day when the cheetah failed to report to the cat. once you become friends with a cat, you have to stay loyal forever.


Cats are on a mission that humans have no clue about. They already control their hoomans and the day ain’t far when they will rule over the whole world.


There couldn’t be a better presentation of the difference between cats and dogs.


Cats never stop and they are here to take what’s theirs.


Your cat is getting influenced by all the movies that you watch. Be careful what you expose them to.


Cats don’t waste their time getting angry. They just get disappointed and lose all hope.


It’s too late to ask this question now. You just have to deal with what it is.


Cats can copy you, but you shouldn’t even try to say meow to your cat. “You just shouldn’t do that again, okay?”


There couldn’t be a better face swap than this.


Even cats don’t agree to this stupid comment. This girl knows nothing.


Cats will do anything for you as long as it doesn’t involve water.


Not everyone is capable of living with a cat. You need to have certain personality to live with a cat.


Cats always walk with confidence. They are not scared of anything.


A cat will never accept that he is wrong.


Cats can always find a way to fit in places where they want.

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