Hilarious Dissimilarities Between Cats And Dogs


Which do you like more between cats and dogs? Almost everybody has been asked this question at least once in their life, even though it is very common for people to like both. However, there is a reason to why this has become a common query.

There’s no better way to illustrate these differences among cat and dog owners than with a creatively crafted comic. We have put together some of the best comics that effectively sum up the quirky relationships of these cats and dogs with their owners. We hope you’ll relate to these differences as well as we did.

Scroll through these awesome comics and do not forget to share these with your friends and family!






















Cats and dogs tend to have a very different temperament and entirely opposite personalities which shows up in the relationship these pets hold with their humans. Cats are more independent and don’t seek your approval and affection constantly. Cats are also more cunning than their canine counterparts. On the contrary, dogs are much more social, friendly, and playful who can never get enough attention from their owners. Dogs will never tire of being on the receiving end of all the attention that they get from their owners.



















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