Hilarious Story About A Cat When His Hooman Thought That The Cat Was Dying


Everyone have their moments including cats. One of the cats named Louis had such a moment recently and he got popular on the internet. But the cat is not too happy about the entire situation. It all happened because the cat was in depression. However, you don’t have to worry about anything because the story ends on a happy note.

Louis’ hooman PaladinAmber got really scared when she noticed that the cat wasn’t feeling too well. The cat wasn’t sleeping, dinking or eating properly. Louis’ hooman thought that the cat was dying. So like every caring cat hooman, PaladinAmber also did what was supposed to be done.

PaladinAmber took the kitty to the vet immediately after noticing that the cat was not acting normal. At the vet’s clinic, PaladinAmber was reassured that the cat will live longer and he wasn’t going to pass away anytime soon. The cat was just sad that some other cat had whooped his ass.

Here’s all that you need to know about Louis’ situation!

The vet said,

He looks like he got into a fight and he’s depressed he lost, his vitals are fine.

Even though cats keep on doing weird things just to put a smile on everyone’s face, there are times when they need their hoomans to do the same for them too.

Cats like to be the best at everything that they do. So this cat got really sad when he was defeated in a fight with his neighborhood cat in their cat fight club. It is only natural for the cat to behave in such a manner.

After Louis’ hooman took the cat to the vet, he started acting all normal. In fact, he even started eating and drinking. The cat’s hooman tried telling him that he was famous on the internet, but the cat hardly cared. The feline had different priorities at the moment.

He is a soft and sweet introvert, he keeps to himself mostly but will sometimes sneak up behind me while I’m hanging out washing to play and roll around.

He’s also sometimes an asshole, with his literal asshole and he’ll try and put his butt on as many things as he can.

Louis is doing well now and the cat doesn’t care about his new fame on the internet. This is how cats are supposed to be like. They don’t care much about anything.

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