How to Find a Common Language With Your Cat


Cats may not speak our language, but there are a lot of ways by which you can know what your cat is trying to tell you. Here are some of the signs that your cats use to communicate with you. If you want to find a common language with your cat, you are at the right place!

Begin with the tail!

Tails are a quick giveaway, be it cats or dogs. In case of dogs, it will be easier. But cats are also very expressive. You just have to pay some attention.

If your cat is happy, its tail will be curled and raised upward. But in case your cat’s tail twitches occasionally, then it may be worried or excited. Even if you are not able to figure this out, you will definitely know when the cat is super excited and feels threatened at times. In such a situation, the fur on your cat’s tail will jut out in all directions.

This is not just about it. There is more to your cat’s tail than you can think. In case your cat is agitated and glad that you are around, its tail will vibrate slightly. But when your cat is in extreme aggression, its tail will stick straight up.

The eyes tell a story of their own

Cats are quite deceptive pets and they know how to smoothly walk through anyone’s heart. But if you know what they are trying to do, then it won’t work on you. Here’s all that you need to know about your cat’s eyes.

When your cat is playful, agitated, aggressive or frightened, then your cat’s pupils will dilate and it will indicate strong feelings. But in case your cat likes to look you directly into the eyes, know that he is comfortable around you and trusts you. Slow blink means that the cat is calm and feels safe.

How the cat interacts with different people is also very interesting!

Have a look at the ways cats do this and you will know in advance what the cat is trying to do.

Here are some other gestures that cats use to communicate with humans. Now all those who have been thinking that it is impossible to understand cats, they may be feeling like they know cats a bit.

More fun facts about cat language!

Here’s some advice for you as well!

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