Japanese Felt Artist Combines Art And Technology To Create Creepy Cats


Japanese felt artist combines art and technology to create creepy cats and these look totally pawsome. Cats are beautiful creatures and they only add to the beauty of others. Meetissai is a the famous Japanese artist who make hilarious weird sculptures out of funny animal pictures. You can also find him on the social media @sacocho. Combining wool felt artistry and technology, this Japanese artist makes amazing cat sculptures that look real.

Here are some of the pictures of the cats created by the Japanese artist. Have a look at these pictures and marvel at their beauty!


This is how your cat will stare at you till the time you wake up in the morning. “Get up, hooman. I need food.”


When your cat breaks the lamp and there are no other lamps left in your home, this is how it may apologize.

Every cat hooman knows that cats love to break lamps. So next time your cat breaks a lamp, this is how you should punish them. Maybe this would stop them from breaking your lamps.


Spit milk is no big deal when there is a cat around. “Hooman, it looks like I tripped over the glass again.”


Is there a cat living inside you? You better let it flow out.


Cats are artistic and so are their admirers.


This is where you can find white cats. Next time you are looking for mushrooms, try to find some white cats too.


How about a goofy cat paper weight? This looks really interesting.


When you know that you should be a cat, but you are trapped inside a human body.


Cats get really angry when their hoomans don’t keep their homes clean. It doesn’t matter if they are the reason for creating all the chaos.


“Mirror, mirror on the wall say cats are the prettiest of all!”

Go ahead and share this pawsome cat story with your family and friends. Everyone should get to know about these amazing cat sculptures and the artist behind them.

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