Kitty Named Meow Is In Depression After Losing Her Owner


Cats are adorable and weird at the same time. The felines act aloof at times and they don’t know how to express their feelings. But just like us, cats also love attention and are emotional like other animals.

Meet Meow, the kitty who lost her hooman and refuses to accept it!

One bicolor kitty named Meow lost her hooman Sungcheol in a tragic incident and was left completely heartbroken. The kitty is completely clueless why his hooman wouldn’t return to him.

Gradually, the cat became depressed and doesn’t understand why her hooman dad suddenly disappeared. There isn’t a single day when the cat doesn’t cry her heart out.

The poor kitty has lost appetite as well as interest in everything. She doesn’t feel like eating or drinking and even attacks other people when they try to touch her hooman’s belongings. The kitty believes that her hooman dad would return soon and takes care of his belongings.

Meow shared an amazing bond with her hooman Sungcheol which is hard to explain.  Even Sungcheol loved the kitty with his whole heart when he was alive. The kitty followed her hooman everywhere and Sungcheol even mentioned about the cat in his diary.

The kitty is loved by everyone and Sungcheol was super proud of his little friend. Sungcheol even drew a picture of Meow in his graduation project, but sadly he couldn’t make it to that day.

After Sungcheol, his father takes care of the cat. Everyone was heartbroken when Sungcheol left at such a young age.

Sungcheol’s father tried to take Meow to her hooman’s funeral, but he wouldn’t listen and resisted fiercely. The kitty wanted to stay at home and wait for her hooman to return. It’s been a while since Meow has been mourning her hooman’s death. But nobody has a clue that when the cat will finally accept that her hooman is not coming back.

Here’s a short video about Meow’s story and how the little kitty is coping with her hooman’s loss. Have a look at this heartbreaking video below!

What are your views about this cat’s story? Only those who have lost a loved one can understand what this cat is going through. Share your views with us in the comments below!

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