Man Gets An Ultimatum From His Vegan Girlfriend Who Demands He Give Away His Cat


When people are in a relationship, they can do anything to make their partner happy. People can do anything that their partner tells them too including not eating junk, letting go of their bad habits, etc. But nobody follows this rule when cats are involved.

A twenty two year old man was very happy in his seven month relationship with her girlfriend. He found her compatible and amazing in a lot of ways. In fact, this man’s girlfriend is also vegan and the way that she approaches veganism is very interesting.

For the sake of the principles of veganism, this girl asked her boyfriend that there won’t be any future for their relationship till the time he gives up his cat. Now this may sound a lot weird to all the cat hoomans out there!

It came as a slap in the face for the guy when his girlfriend demanded him to give up his cat because it was against veganism.

Here’s the entire story shared by the guy on Reddit!

In the beginning of the relationship, the guy was asked to shift to complete plant based diet. As he was already pescatarian, it wasn’t an issue to him.

Mittens is a very sweet cat and she hasn’t been a trouble for anyone. Due to the cat, the couple decided to hang out at the girl’s place most of the time.

After spending all the time together, the couple decided to take their relationship to the next level. But the guy was completely shocked when his girlfriend asked him to give up his cat and that too because she was vegan.

The girl said that cats eat and hunt rats which was completely against veganism. Owning a cat in itself is against veganism.

This became a reason for a huge fight between the couple.

When the girl left, the little furry cat was there to give company to the guy and comfort him.

In vegan circles, cat ownership might be a controversial topic. But this is not so when it comes to cat hoomans. The cat owners can go to any extent for their cats.

The guy even tried to reason out what his girlfriend wanted and talked to his friends about it. But all of them felt that asking the guy to give up his cat was completely unreasonable.

Making your cat eat a vegan diet just for the sake of your partner would be completely wrong for the furry one.

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