Man Shares Story On Reddit After His Vegan Girlfriend Asked Him To Choose Between Her Or His Cat


People often feel that they can sacrifice everything for the ones they love, but is it really so? What do people do when it comes to the furry ones? Can pet owners do the same when their cats and dogs are involved? You will be able to decide for yourself after reading this story.

A 22 year old man found himself in such a situation when he had to choose between his girlfriend and his cat. Getting stuck in such a situation would make anyone take important decisions in their life. The cat hooman shared his predicament when his girlfriend asked him to get rid of the cat.

The guy was left with no choice, but to share the story in a lengthy Reddit post. The cat hooman’s girlfriend is an extreme vegan. The man did not have any issue at first. In fact, he even decided to become a vegan from a pescatarian. He would do anything to make his girlfriend happy.

Everything was going well till the time his girlfriend started showing disfavor to the man’s cat. According to the girl, owning an animal who eats meat is not in accordance with the principles of veganism. So it all came down to the man choosing between his cat and his girlfriend.

After the Reddit user shared his story on Reddit, it quickly went famous. Initially, the post got more than 7,000 comments. The post got a variety of reaction from everyone. Many people advised the cat hooman not to give up on his cat just because his girlfriend wanted so.

People from the vegan community also opposed the ideology of this cat hooman’s girlfriend. The Redditor had to issue a special disclaimer that his girlfriend’s views did not represent the ideology of the entire vegan community.

Many people even asked what the Redditor did finally. Did he give up his cat or his girlfriend? The Redditor then posted a follow up story to narrate what transpired after that. The end result was quite obvious. The cat hooman broke up with the girl as there was no way that he would have given up his cat Mittens.

The Redditor was grateful to everyone who commented on his post and advised him. He also realized that rather than veganism, it was more about the controlling nature of his girlfriend. This was bound to happen one day or the other.

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