Meet Albert, The Cutest Munchkin Cat With Unique “Skull” Nose


Every cat is pawsome and incredible. But then there are some cats who stand out of the crowd. You can easily spot these cats in the crowd.

Meet Albert, the cutest Munchkin cat with unique skull nose!

Cats belonging to this breed are usually short in height. The reason behind their short little legs is genetic mutation. Due to their adorable short legs, the Munchkin cats walk slowly and in a funny manner. But this is what makes them even more adorable.

Albert is already famous on the social media. This cat has an adorable attitude and beautiful blue eyes. The part that stands out in this cat is his skull like nose. Everyone thinks that the nose of this little cat looks like a Christmas Tree. The cat has a small triangular patch of black fur right in the middle of his face. It looks like an area hole in the middle of a skull.

Albert has got more than 550,000 followers on Instagram and the way he looks is completely adorable. All the fluff and adorable face of the cat definitely works its wonders on the cat.

Albert’s appearance is not the only thing that charms people. In fact, the cat has a complete wardrobe full of beautiful outfits. Each of these outfits are selected by the cat himself. There is nothing that Albert has not tried. The little Munchkin cat loves to experiment with clothes and wear the latest fashions.

Everyone gets completely smitten by this pawsome cat. His attitude makes him stand out from the crowd.

The big blue eyes of the cat make everyone fall for him just in one look. It is no surprise that the cat has huge following on the social media.

The little Munchkin cat is very comfortable in his own skin and there is nothing that can make the cat feel otherwise.

Even after doing something mischievous, Albert likes it wasn’t his fault. With this innocent look on the cat’s face, anyone would easily believe him.

Don’t forget to share this pawsome story of the Munchkin cat Albert with your family and friends. Everyone should get to know how pawsome this cat is! What are your views about this adorable little Munchkin? Share with us in the comments below!

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