Meet Bone Bone, The Enormous Fluffy Kitty From Thailand That Everyone Asks To Take A Picture With


It doesn’t take long for cats to get anyone’s attention. But then there is fluffy cat Bone Bone and it’s impossible not to notice him.

Meet Bone Bone, the fluffy kitty from Thailand that everyone asks to take a picture with! It seems that the cat also loves it.

Bone Bone is so fluffy that it almost seems unreal. Is it even possible for a cat to be this fluffy? Well, it doesn’t look like it is. But cats are always good at surprising everyone.

Bone Bone has more than 30k followers on Instagram. He might be fluffy, but he loves to do a lot of adventurous activities. These include tree climbing and playing in the park.

People often notice Bone Bone, the fluffy cat, carrying a yellow spiky backpack. Despite the fact that the cat is cheerful and loves to play, he doesn’t like it when people try to pet him. Most cats have an issue with people petting them and Bone Bone is no different. He likes to keep his fur to himself.

This could also be a reason why the cat’s fur is so beautiful. Bone Bone stops people from touching his fur to keep it amazing.

Bone Bone is fluffy, cute and adorable in every way. It is impossible to walk past this cat and not notice how fluffy he is.

Bone Bone doesn’t like people to pet him, but he has no issues in getting pictures with people. He is very famous.

Bone Bone has a lot of followers and you can see how crazy people are to meet him!

Sometimes, Bone Bone likes to give big smile to people.

Bone Bone, the fluffy cat, never says no to getting clicked. He is always camera ready.

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