Meet Olive – The Double Odd Eyed Cat Is Taking Over The Internet With Her Gorgeous Eyes


Every cat is adorable and beautiful. But some cats stand out from the rest. A condition called heterochromia iridis results into irises of different colors in cats. The felines suffering from this condition have different colored eyes.

Meet Olive, the cat with heterochromia iridis!

For a lay man, these cats are odd-eyed cats. These cats have one eye with a completely different color as compared to the iris of the other eye. For instance, one eye could be blue, while the other could be green.

As you can see in Olive’s case, the eyes are not just a different color. In fact, both the eyes have two  colors. This kind of heterochromia is knows as sectoral heterochromia. When a cat has sectoral heterochromia, the cat has two different colors in a single eye. Olive’s eyes are split between yellow and blue.

This is such a rare occurrence in cats. This is also a reason what makes this cat so special. You would be really amazed to meet this cat.

When a cat has heterochromia, there are generally no risk factors. Olive is completely fine and this condition does not affect her health at all.

Olive is very happy with her hooman. There are three other cats in her house as well. Olive lives in a happy family.

Meet Fifi! She is Olive’s sister and has a stunning fur.

Here is another one! She is named Skyla and has mesmerizing eyes.

Charlie is the solo boy in the house and he loves all his sisters dearly. All the cats are beautiful and admirable.

Anyone who meets Olive for the first time fell instantly in love with her. Her beautiful eyes are capable of charming anyone. Her eyes attract everyone towards the cat.

Olive and her siblings also have a page on Instagram. You can check out other beautiful pictures and videos of these beautiful cats on their social media page.

Go ahead and spread this beautiful cat story as much as you like!

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