Missing African Serval Cat Is Reunited With His Owners After Spending 3 Days In The Wild


It is very heart breaking to lose your cat. But there is no greater joy as compared to finding your lost pet back. A similar thing happened with an African serval cat named Spartacus. The cat reunited with his owner after spending three days in the wild.

Spartacus lives with his hooman in Merrimack, New Hampshire. His hooman Dean King said that Spartacus was usually skittish around strangers and he was spooked by the family dog Hank. This incident occurred on Wednesday when Spartacus decided to run away. The family searched everywhere for the cat including the woods near their home and even reported to the Merrimack Police Department.

Dean said,

The dog didn’t want to come in last night. So my wife opened the front door. The dog and the cat spooked each other and off he went. He’s gone.

But the police soon find the cat and told the family that he was trapped near its home and he was in good health. After an adventure of three days, the cat was found safe and sound. The police made this announcement on the social media.

Good Morning Merrimack! The serval cat that was missing has been found. It was trapped near its home and is in good health. It’s been reunited with its owner. Thank you for all the interest and shares.

Haylie Gulino, who is the animal control officer of Merrimack, said that it wasn’t easy to search for the kitty. It was an usual case.

Gulino said,

They had no idea; I had to show them a picture of what they normally look like. So, like I said, this was uncharted territory. It was out of the norm for most people here.

Spartacus was adopted four years ago from a Florida. He is living happily with his family since past few years. The family is the legal owner of the cat and also has a permit from the department of fish and game of New Hampshire.

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