Mother Keeps Giving Catnip To Her Son’s Cat Without Telling Him


Catnip is a thing that every cat goes crazy for. But their hoomans have to be careful when they give their cats catnip. It should be given in small quantities and only under supervision. One lady took the responsibility of taking care of her son’s cat while he went to work. Things got pretty amusing. You have to read further to get the full story.

Taking care of a cat is not an easy task, especially when it’s your son’s cat. You need to be very careful around cats and take care of their every need.

The mother surely doesn’t understand how catnip can be harmful for the cat. She needs a proper proof that catnip is harmful for the cat.

But does the son know that his cat is being fed catnip regularly? Surely, he doesn’t have a clue about it.

What lies ahead for the mother? Will she learn her lesson the hard way?

The son would be really upset when he would find out the truth about the cat and catnip.

Someone needs to give the kitty what it wants. After all, it’s not bad to make the cat happy.

But the main thing is that if the cat is happy and safe, then what’s there to worry about.

The woman knows what the cat really wants. She loves the cat and she wouldn’t do anything to harm the cat.

Here’s what the cat’s hooman has to say about the entire catnip thing. Look what he has to say!

It would be really wrong to judge somehow without knowing the entire thing.

A lot of crazy things can happen when you give catnip to cats. This woman was lucky to get away with it safely.

What is your opinion about the entire situation? Do you think that it is safe to give nip to a cat without his hooman’s permission? Would you do the same as this lady? Share with us in the comments below.

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