News Anchor Reporting About A Stolen Dog Realizes It’s The Kidnapper Walking Him


With a little bit of luck and wits, you all can become a hero. Juliana Mazza, a Boston reporter, went ahead and proved this. She was covering a dognapping story with her local 7NEWS crew. It all started when Juliana noticed a man walking a dog that looked similar to Titus who was stolen from a parked car recently.

Here’s the dognapper who took away Titus!

Juliana seized the opportunity and went ahead to talk to the dog in order to check his collar. She went ahead to confront the dognapper with several questions. Juliana called 911 also for backup and solved the entire mystery.

Meet Juliana rescuing the dog and smartly getting the dognapper arrested!

The story had a great ending. The thirteen month old German shorthaired pointer Titus was reunited with Greg Siesczkiewicz, the owner of the dog who got really emotional after meeting his best buddy.

Here’s the complete video of how 7NEWS crew saved the dog and reunited him with his hooman!

Titus is an incredibly handsome and good boy. His owner got really emotional after reuniting with the dog. When Juliana started scrutinizing the dognapper, all his excuses fell flat. The perpetrator tried to explain that it wasn’t Titus and Juliana was mixing him up with another dog.

But Juliana cleverly started taking out loopholes in the perpetrator’s story. She even asked him why he didn’t call on the number that was given on Titus’ collar. The perpetrator was also identified as the suspect who was caught stealing Titus in the camera.

Even after that, the perpetrator was not ready to accept that he did it. He kept on coming up with different stories and said that it was just some misunderstanding. It was only later when it was confirmed that he was the one behind it all, the dognapper went ahead and apologized for all that he did.

At present, the dognaapper is facing charges for larceny of around 1.2k dollars. He is also charged with the offence of breaking and entering into a vehicle to commit a felony. Titus’ owner Greg couldn’t stop thanking the news reporter for reuniting him with his dog.

Juliana used her wits and quickly did what was required at the moment. It was a bit of luck and her wits that made her a hero. If it wasn’t for her, Greg would still have been looking for his dog.

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