Tornado survivor finds Dog buried Alive under Rubble in the middle of a TV interview


A dog owner found her dog buried under the rubble. Miraculously, the dog was alive and waiting to be saved. The monster tornado that destroyed a suburb located in the Oklahoma City separating many loved ones.

1. Dog found alive under the rubble

2. Little pup did not give up!

This dog owner’s happiness knew no bounds after she found out that her dog was alive. She thought that she had lost him.

3. Elderly lady talking about her missing dog


4. Dog owner distressed about losing dog

Barbara Garcia has been worried after the disaster and was unable to find her dog. She searched for him everywhere, but in vain. It was only when they were clearing out the rubble, they found the scared little dog that was still breathing.

5. Missing dog found beneath the rubble

6. Dog was badly stuck and couldn’t find his way out

Garcia has lost all hopes and thought that she would never see her dog ever again. The dog managed to survive against all odds. Not caring about her own bruises and cuts, the elderly lady started digging through the rubble after she recognized her dog. Garcia said,

Well I thought God just answered one prayer to let me be okay but he answered both of them.

7. Garcia was relieved to see her dog again

The old woman was completely shaken up by the incident and couldn’t hold back her tears any longer. around ninety-one people went missing including twenty children. The building in the suburb were damaged entirely. Many victims were stuck beneath the rubble and there was no escaping.

8. The dog was also happy on being saved by his owner

9. Garcia started searching the rubble with bare hands

The government also showed its support to help the affected families. In such times, we do everything at hand to help those affected. But Garcia’s dog showed true courage. Even though he was buried beneath the rubble, he did not give up. Maybe it was because it was his faith in his hooman who would come around and save him.

10. Garcia after reuniting with her dog

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