People Are Laughing At These 10+ Cats Chilling In Places They Shouldn’t Be, Posted By This Twitter Account


Cats are known for being in places where they don’t belong. They like to explore new places, even if it is dangerous for them. Cats may be lazy, but they like to venture out of their comfort zone.

Here are some cats chilling in places they shouldn’t be. Have a look at these cats and you will know about all the strange places where you can find your cat!


Cats can sit where they like. They don’t care about the consequences.


When you have a separate room for your cat, but this is where she chooses to hangout. Cats and their peculiar choices can’t be understood.


When your cat thinks that someone else is getting more attention than you, this is what he will do. Only cats deserve to be in the spotlight.


“This is what my cats do after they finish their food. This is weird and adorable at the same time.”


Humans like to make rules and cats love to break them. They think that there was no need to make those stupid rules in the first place.


Cats always find a way to end up next to the plants. Sometimes, they let the plants breathe too instead of destroying them.


Fitting inside places where they don’t belong is what cats like to do.


Cats also have a privilege to sleep during the exam time.


Cats are good at taking care of the eggs too. They will make sure that the eggs stay warm and safe.


Cats are super creative and they use this to find amazing places to fit in.


Your cat is always keeping a watch at you, even when you think he is not.


Broken, but comfortable. Cats can sleep at the most uncomfortable places in this planet.


If it fits, I sits.


A cat is good at making friends when he wants too.


When a cat is a part of the security, there is nothing to worry about.

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