Shy Cat Completely Opens Up When He Meets Rescued Kitten


There is no such thing as too many cats for a cat lover. But it is not easy to adopt more cats when you already have four cats in the house. Such was the situation of Jazmine Felder when she heard meowing coming from a tree in her yard.

The stray tabby was very scared and had been hiding in the branches of the tree. The cat was really happy to see Jazmin. But Jazmin already had four cats in her house and she didn’t know if it was a good idea to add another one to the family.

Jazmin was the only hope of the cat and so she decided to take the cat in.

Even though Jazmin already had four cats in the house, she decided to take the stray tabby in.

The stray tabby was very grateful to be safe and secure again. Buddy shied away from playing or sleeping with the other cats of Jazmine. Six months later, Felder adopted another cat named Hannah. Hannah was rescued from a neighboring home. But after meeting the new feline, things started to change.

While Buddy was withdrawn and serious, Hannah was outgoing and affectionate. Hannah is teaching Buddy to calm down and also making him more adventurous and outgoing. Both the cats complement each other perfectly.

After a few months, Hannah and Buddy couldn’t stay away from one another even for a moment. Hannah is the most precious thing in Buddy’s life. Earlier, Buddy used to be lonely. But now he makes constant efforts to show that Hannah really means a lot to him.

Jazmine Felder now lives happily with her six cats and they all are a one big family. Everyone loves to be with each other and none of the cats are shy anymore.

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