Someone Asks Whether Dog Owners Would Give 5 Years Of Their Life To Their Dog, And This Reply Goes Viral


Dog owners say it all the time that their dog is closest to them and it is actually true. Once you become a dog owner, it is impossible to imagine your life without them. For dogs, their hoomans are their entire world and so is the case with their hoomans too.

Dogs are the crafty companions and adorable amigos that their hoomans can’t live without. Even though many claim that dogs are their best buddies, how many would agree to cut five years from their life for their dogs? Have you ever asked this question to a dog hooman? If not, you might be really curious right now what the answer to this question would be.

One of the Reddit users posed this question and he got an incredible response that everyone needs to hear. This Reddit user named Experimentallity posted about how his dog Daise protected his family from an aggressive bear. Would your dog do that for you? Well, dogs can go to any extent to make sure that their hoomans are safe and happy. But can their hoomans do the same for their dogs? Let’s find out!

The Rediit user once went on a vacation with his family to a cabin in Maine. While they were walking up from the lake, he got caught walking up by a bear in the dark. The family couldn’t figure out that it was actually a bear till the time the beast stood up and the motion light was on.

The giant 6 feet tall bear was standing right between the cabin and the Reddit user’s family. It made noises like that of a dinosaur and fell forward onto it’s front feet. The dog immediately launched itself at the bear in order to protect the Reddit user’s family from the bear.

As soon as the Reddit user got some time, he quickly rescued his kids and sent them to the cabin. Then he quickly grabbed the rifle and followed the growling dog and the furious bear. Then the growling stopped and it became distant as the bear went running into the woods.

Even though the bear hurt Daisy, the brave dog saved not only the Reddit user, but his entire family from the giant bear. Here’s how other people reacted to this story. Have a look now!

Do you also have a story to share? Then, go ahead and let us know all about it in the comments.

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