Stray Cat Loses Ears From Infection, Gets Stylish Crocheted Pair And A Forever Home


A stray cat was helped by the Dane County Humane Society. This kitty is famous as the Lady in a Fur Coat or Lady for short. This furry paw was suffering from multiple medical issues.

The Humane Society did their best to help the little kitty. Unfortunately, they had to get her ear flaps removed as she had severe chronic infections and hematomas. But this couldn’t stop one of the staff members of the Dane County Humane Society from crocheting a bonnet for the cat. the crochet was in the form of cat ears in order to replace her lost ears.

Even though this crochet didn’t function like the real cat ears, it certainly made the cat look better and beautiful. Lady looked pawsome with the cat ears made with crochet. The little kitty really appreciated the gift and completely loved it.

The Humane Society also shared Lady’s story on the social media on their Facebook page. The organization wanted to find a forever home for the kitty.

Within no time, the post about Lady went viral. After that it didn’t take long to find a loving hooman for Lady. She was quickly adopted.

Here’s the link to the Facebook page of the Humane Society: Have a look at the pawsome post in order to find out more about the little kitty.

Lady spent some time in the organization and the staff happily took care of Lady. They soon found new pair of ears for the little kitty which were a perfect match for her.

Lady now lives happily with her hoomans in her forever home. It’s so good to see a kitty who has suffered so much finally find her forever home and a loving hooman who will take good care of her.

Even though the cat lost her ears, she has everything that she needs to lead a happy life. She often gives sweet head bumps and loves to cuddle with everyone that she meets.


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