These Ungrateful Cats Have No Use For Expensive Things And They’re Not Afraid To Show It


It’s impossible to understand cats. Cats do what they feel like doing and they never ever listen to their hoomans. In fact, people all around the world think that cats are weird and that’s actually somewhat true. Cats love to be mischievous and they are never afraid to show it to anyone. The felines always happily own all their actions. This puts their hoomans in trouble sometimes, but it is all worth it.

Here are some ungrateful cats who have no use for expensive things and they are not afraid to show it. Have a look at these cats and you will know why!


The cats are the weirdest creatures in this world. They would always prefer an uncomfortable bag over the expensive bed that their hooman got for them.


When your cat has had too much of sun, he might take shelter under the bed.


Millions of weird things in the world and the cats want to do it all.


Cat hoomans need to stop spending so much money on their cats.


When you get an expensive gift for your cat and it refuses to accept it, just return the expensive gift and get your money back.


Sitting inside a huge box is all that the cat desires. There is nothing more that the cat really wants. The cat hoomans all around the world really need to understand this.


Not even in his ninth life will the cat accept your expensive gift.


A cat wants what it wants. Never ever argue with a cat or you will end up with a lot of scratches all over you.


A cat always knows what’s best for him.


Look at this picture and you will understand what living with a cat is like.


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