They Fell In Love With A 33 Pound Cat And Decided To Adopt Him So That He Can Start His Journey To Becoming Healthy


Cats like to be lazy and they don’t like to do much. All they like to do is sleep through the day and be lazy. Megan Hanneman and her boyfriend Mike Wilson came up with interesting wall mounted furniture for domestic cats. Now they own a company that produces such furniture so that the cats don’t lay around the entire day.

The couple had two cats in their home with whom they tested their products. But when they were left with very limited time to test their products, the couple decided to adopt another cat.

Hanneman and Wilson went to the Humane Society to adopt a cat. The couple said,

When we walked in, we were instantly drawn to this gentle giant named Bronson. The receptionist told us that to go in and see him we would first need to sit down and be interviewed by a staff member.

The couple couldn’t meet the cat that day. They were very excited to bring the cat home. Hanneman and Wilson went back the following day and got to know that Bronson’s previous owner had passed away.

The cat was thirty three pounds, probably because his previous owner did not care much about his diet.

Mike said,

We went in to meet him and instantly fell in love. I remember my cheeks hurting from smiling for so long.

The couple also noticed that Bronson was polydactyl and had extra fingers. The cat was as happy as new hoomans when he got home. When they took the cat to the vet, everyone took turns adoring the cat. Megan and Mike decided to take special care of Bronson’s diet. As he was fat and chubby, it was important to ensure that this issue was taken care of.

Bronson also has his own Instagram page with over thirteen thousand followers. The cat’s followers are increasing ever since. If you haven’t checked out his page yet, do give it a look!

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