This Couple’s Wedding Photos With Their Chubby Cat Are Adorable


Falling in love with cats at first sight happens all the time. A similar thing happened to Kiah Berkeley when she met a chubby feline with thirty five pounds at the Humane Rescue Alliance’s shelter.

Symba, the chubby cat has formidable weight due to his huge body and went viral on the internet due to this. It took no time for this cat’s fame to reach Berkeley. Symba not only found a new home for himself, but a new name too. Symba was renamed as Vito by his hoomans.

The chubby cat now happily lives with his hoomans in Berkeley. Vito’s hoomans have two other cats in the house as well: Two Patch and Motzie. It some time for Vito to settle in his new home. But as soon as he settled into the new home, he started enjoying his life.

Even though Vito was comfortable in his home, his two other furry friend were not so friendly with Vito.

Berkeley said,

He’s really wanting to be friends with our other two cats, but it’s been pretty slow-going. There was a lot of hissing when he first moved in – by the other cats, not by him.

The couple tried their best to make Vito feel belonged in their family. They first thought that they should make Vito their ring bearer in their wedding. But then they came up with another amazing idea.

We actually did those photos a few days after our wedding. We just put our wedding clothes back on, and she and her photography partner Darren came over, and we had some beers, and took some pictures with the cat.

Vito was not very excited about the whole photoshoot thing, but he still managed to make his hoomans happy.

Berkeley also shared that Vito was upset and missed his old life initially. He wasn’t well and smelly too. The chubby cat wanted to curl up between the wall and the bed to hide away from everyone.

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