Tumblr User Explains Hilarious History Of Cats And Their Journey To Domestication


A Tumblr user Koryos explained the history of how humans started domesticating cats and it’s pawsome. Have you ever wondered who came up with the idea of keeping little furballs as pets? Here’s all you need to know about domestication of cats!

There are 600 million cats on Earth and the number is more than dogs. According to archaeologists, Egyptians domesticated cats 3,500 years ago. But nobody knows the exact date because fossils tell one story and genes tell another.

Many believe that humans first started domesticating cats when they learnt farming and started storing grains. Food started attracting rats and that’s when the predators entered too.

For rats, cats are the most feared hunters of all times. The African wildcats were the ones that were near the fertile land at that time. On their way to becoming domesticated, the African wildcat went through certain changes. They got smaller canines, smaller brains and shorter, stockier bodies.

The average domestic tabby and the African wildcat are very similar. The two can interbreed magnificently well.

Here’s a cat having the best time in Antarctica near a naval base!

It is said that cats are selfish and only care for themselves, while dogs are loyal to their hoomans. But this is completely false. Cats show their love for hoomans in ways which are different from the rest of the pets.

When humans realized that cats can hunt down mice, they knew that only cats could save their food grains.

African wildcats run away as soon as they spot humans. They have pretty massive flight distance. But gradually, the wildcats adapted and were able to tolerate humans within feet from them.

Here are some examples of cat mummy for you! Egyptian imagery depicts that cats were trained and used to scare game up for hunters.

It doesn’t matter for how long the cats are being domesticated by humans, they still take some time to open up and get comfortable. There is a sensitive period for cats.

The reason behind the hesitation of cats to open up to humans is because the domestic cats still interbreed with the feral. It is pretty obvious that the feral would not like to be friendly with humans.

Here’s another theory about domestication of cats! Have a look!

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