Woman Quits Her Job And Sails Around The World With Her Cat


People have a lot of dreams and wishes as to how they want to live their life. But who dreams of sailing around the world with a cat. A cat lover would never say no to such an opportunity. Not everyone is as lucky as Liz Clark. Liz used to work as a bartender in San Diego. Then, in 2006, she got an incredible offer.

At a young age, Liz was given the opportunity to live an adventurous life. She chose it without any second thoughts. Liz was given the offer of travelling the world on a Cal 40 sailboat. Well, who would turn down such an amazing opportunity!

In 2013, Captain Liz decided to bring a new companion aboard with her. She has rescued a little kitty and decided to take her along on her voyage. Liz named the little cat Amelia (Tropicat). The cat was feral and malnourished when she was rescued by Liz. Nonetheless, the cat was brave and had a carefree bravado.

Liz has travelled to a lot of places with her little furry companion Amelia. Both of them have grown quite used to being surrounded by water all the time.

The cat and her hooman like to do a lot of things together including fishing, hiking and walking on the beach.

Liz said,

She has to go out of a cat comfort zone often. But I think she now understands that I will keep her safe and she will have a lot of fun in the end.

Tropicat may have to show courage a lot of time, but what she loves the most is hiking. Both Liz and Amelia also like to take relaxing spa treatments. The two seem to fit well together as if they both were made to sail around the world together.

Initially, Liz was not sure if she would be able to manage everything on her own. But luckily, the cat came along and Liz doesn’t feel lonely now. Both of them go through everything together.


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