Woman Spots Dog’s Face In The Sky After Her Death, Other People Shared Similar Moments


Our pets have all our love and there is no limit to it. Our furry companions also add to our happiness and lift us in the times of despair. Even the thought of them leaving us give us goosebumps. But every pet owner has to face this harsh truth at one point in their lives.

On 20 June, Lucy lost his fourteen year old dog Sunny. Lucy’s dog had the cutest eyes and he was a majestic Parson Russel Terrier. Sunny lost her life in Lucy’s father’s arms. They were preparing to visit the vet when this incident occurred.

After Sunny’s death, Lucy was left with a huge void in her life. It is the most heart breaking thing that can happen to anyone. As innocent and adorable as they are, pets deserve to live a pawsome life furrever.

However, shortly after Sunny’s death, Lucy spotted her face in the sky. It seemed like even Sunny didn’t want to leave her.

As Lucy and her boyfriend were passing through Clifton Ings, Lucy looked for signs that her dog Sunny was alright. Lucy and Sunny used to regularly go for walks there.

Just in that moment, a miracle occurred. As Lucy looked at the sky, she saw Sunny’s face smiling through the clouds.

Lucy quickly took out her camera and captured the moment. She often looks at that picture when she is missing her dog badly. Since this occurrence, Lucy believes that Sunny is safe and in a better place. They both always felt wholesome and happy together.

Our pets care for us even after they leave us. They always want to make sure that their hoomans are happy and safe.

Here are some similar stories that other pet owners shared!

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